With Black, White and Grey. :P

Its a fantasy role play.. :3

Its not getting very far, it seems... .3.

I think the RP just died.. D: Awww.

*sigh* Im bored now... .3.

I figured out that some of my favorite songs make me really upset when I listen to them now... D: That sucks... ;n;

Im writing dark poetry. .3. Its something I do at random times.. Demons from Devil Survivor seem to have infiltrated it xD

Speaking of which.. Ive played through Day Before and almost all of Day 1 so far. //wiggles eyebrows//

Im finding this game a lot easier than DS2.. Probably because Im not just upping my HP and DEF (The "Vitality" stat, I do believe xD), but evenly upping them all xDD

O_o This is really short.

Gah. Oh well. Im not done here yet anyway, soooo... //wiggles eyebrows again//


My poem. xD :D Here~

Wandering around..

Wondering if Ill ever be found..

My life is a puzzle, a riddle, a maze.

Theres no possible ways

To escape this nightmare

I watch you stand there,

I wish youd notice me

I wish youd help me be free

Colorless, emotionless..

Directionless, pointless..

No-one to turn to

No-one to say I missed you

Nothing for my own

I’m always thrown


Please stay..

Dont leave me here

Cant you sense my fear?

Sightless, senseless..

Hopeless, faithless..

My faith is gone

You told me I won’t be long.

Im still here, waiting.

Wondering what I did to deserve the hating.

My sightless eyes

Still can see through the lies.

You wont come back

Youve left me here, off track

Flightless, pathless..

Homeless, thoughtless..

The shards of glass

Reflecting my last

Hope-filled thoughts

Now trapped in a box,

Everything has been lost

Covered with the frost

Of days past, left behind

Of bells that once chimed.

Heartless, loveless..

Lifeless, deathless..

Ever-standing confusion..

Someone save me from this illusion..

I gave you my heart

I gave you my art

I told you all

But you just watched me fall

Beyond where hands can reach

Farther than warm hearts, every and each..

Giving in.. Rising less..

Standing up.. Feeling less..

The decision is mine

Nothing you say will change my mind

I want to finally spread my wings

And fly.

Let me be quick,

Dont make me stick

To this world of pain and suffering..

Ive waited too long to keep waiting

Painless, heatless..

Lockless, keyless..

Chilling, surviving

Demons of fighting

Fight with me

Theres no way to be free

Come with me

Die with me.

Pick and choose.

Theres nothing left to lose.

Lets hear it.

Your answer, what youve drawn from this.

Are you ready?




Lets survive.

Whatcha think? :3

My god I just had a heart attack.

Dad almost caught me on the chorus youtube account.


D: Its still logged in...!